• Kenya LUTON hospital wire and cable renovation project

    Kenya LUTON hospital wire and cable renovation project

    In June 2022, we have got inquiry from Mr Albert about LUTON hospital wire and cable renovation project, it involved 10 different model wire and cable as well as distribution box, air switch, measuring instruments. As cable engineering professional service provider, we give customer the first re...
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  • Swedish Photovoltaic Project

    Swedish Photovoltaic Project

    Treating every order with heart and serving every customer well is the principle we have always followed. Customers’ satisfaction and recognition are our greatest motivations. This is a customer from Sweden who needs Solar cable, Every praise from the customer gives us great encouragement. We rea...
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    One-stop shopping, meet the needs of engineering projects From initial contact to gradual trust: In November 2022, we received an inquiry from Bhutanese customer Karmag about a 6mm² photovoltaic cable. Due to our timely follow-up and prompt feedback, after communicating with the power cable and p...
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  • THHN Wire Cable for Dominica

    THHN Wire Cable for Dominica

    Bridge Case Description: A government agency in a certain region plans to construct a new bridge to improve transportation infrastructure. The project includes the installation of various construction cables, such as Thhn wire, power cables, communication cables, and lighting cables, to ensure th...
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