Zhongwei is committed to social and environmental responsibility through more sustainable production, clean and renewable energy, prioritizing worker safety and well-being, sustainable sourcing and strict adherence to ethical, compliant business practices. By embracing these elements and leveraging our innovative, diverse ethos, we expect to exceed the expectations of our clients and community stakeholders.


We strive to use renewable energy and sustainable fuels while maximizing logistical and operational efficiencies. We reduce waste and recycle where possible and support our customers to do the same. We are committed to achieving net zero goals, managing and reducing our carbon footprint, reducing overall energy consumption, ensuring any new workspace built meets environmentally sustainable standards, and reducing water usage - all ways to be sustainable and protect the environment.

Zhongwei Cables has undertaken numerous initiatives to minimise its impact including:

Save water - Reduce water consumption, recycle and reuse water as much as possible, improve water utilization efficiency, and avoid waste of water resources.

Waste Recycling - we take steps to recycle waste by stripping products into core components for recycling.

Repair and Reuse - We repair old facilities for reuse, we offer a free collection service for used drums which are inspected and repaired to increase lifespan.

Smart Energy - Optimize the lighting and heating efficiency of our office and use solar energy in our office and warehouse.

Electric Vehicles - Using electric vehicles to deliver goods to customers, reducing noise generation and air pollution, saving energy and reducing emissions, and actively responding to national environmental policies.

Energy Efficient Transport - route planning software calculates the most efficient route for deliveries.


Sustainability is a key element in building a smarter, more connected future - but also an enormous challenge for industries and governments across the globe. At Zhongwei Cable, we’re constantly striving to improve and deliver more sustainable solutions through our business operations, products and manufacturing.