HSR High Temperature Self Regulating Heat Cable

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HSR series heat tracing cables are exceptional heating cables. Constructed of a semi-conductive heater polymer(also named as “PTC”) extruded between parallel bus wires with the addition of insulation layer. They are widely applied to pipelines and storage tanks for process temperature maintenance.



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Self regluating heating cable used in chemical, electric power, machinery, ships, petroleum, chemical, chemical, oil, oil, natural gas, natural gas and natural gas in the pipeline, valve, pump, tank and tank heat tracing and thermal insulation of the solvent, antifreeze, and anticoagulation, Pharmaceutical and other industries. Electric heat tracing is not only suitable for steam heat tracing place, but also can solve the problem of steam heat tracing.


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With a holding temperature up to 125℃, HSR self-regulating heat tracing cables are fit for various applications, including those of steam purging, especially chemicals, power supply and other places need corrosion resistance.


HSR is an efficient high temperature heating cable type, with the Max.maintain temperature up to 125℃ (257°F), while the Max.exposure temperature is 175℃ (347°F). Moreover, high temperature heating cable is explosion-proof with a durable tinned cooper braid layer, which makes it perfect to various industrial applications.

Inner insulation is made of modified polyolefin, never use recycled material, only to provide you with products of the best quality. Corrosive resistant F46 for the outer jacket as default, while we have PTFE and other fluoropolymer for your option according to different requirements.


Output wattage at 10℃ 45/60 W/M
Braiding material and covering area Tinned cooper Over 80%
Max. Maintain temperature 125 ℃(257°F)
Max. Exposure temperature 175℃(347°F)
Min. Installation temperature -40 ℃
Heat stability Maintain Over 95% heat after 300 cycles from 10 ℃ to 149 ℃
Conductor Tinned cooper   19*0.32mm (7*0.56mm customized available)
Max. Length of single power supply 100m
Material of insulation/ jacket Modified polyolefin, F46, PTFE and other fluoropolymer as option
Bending radius 5 times*cable thickness
Resistance between bus wire and braiding 20 MΩ/M with a VDC 2500 megohmmete
Voltage 110-120/208-277 V
Regular color Red (other colors customized)
Regular size (please contact us for other size) HSR 14*5.5 mm (Width*Thickness)



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1. Energy saving: Due to the unique PTC property, the cable adjust the output power respond to ambient temperature.

2. Easy installation: PTC semi-conductive matrix is composed of the infinite parallel connection of carbon particles, allowing it to be cut into the exact length required.

3. Long service life: A lower starting current and attenuation rate ensures our cables provide you a longer service life.

4. Safety for use: Can be overlapped by themselves without the danger of overheat or burnout.

5. High quality with low cost: self- regulating, easy operation, low cost to maintain. No recycled material used, all the components are manufactured by our own factory, which means better quality and competitive cost for you.

Contact us for more informations about our products, our professional team will serve you and customized according to your requirements.

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