Unshielded High Voltage EV Cable

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This High Voltage Unscreened EV Cable is intended for Electric Vehicle battery high voltage system,flexible and easy to bend and install.Material comply with ROHS&REACH.



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This unshield EV Cable is intended for Electric Vehicle battery high voltage system, flexible and easy to bend. This electric vehicle unshield cable is used for connecting the charging port and the battery, battery inter wiring, the battery, and the engine and other electrical components to carry the electric current power. this type of high voltage electric vehicle unshield cable can meet the very high performance for the harsh environment requirements inside the car.


EV CABLE unshield


Rated Voltage: AC/DC:600/900v,1000/1500V ;

Short-term Aging: 240h,Comply with QC/T 1037;

Long-term Aging: 3000h,Comply with QC/T 1037;

Withstand Voltage: 1.0kV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min. ( 600/900v) 1.0kV/30min. Rise to 5.0kV/5min. Continue Rise to 8.0kV(1000/1500v) ;

High anti-tear performance >15N/mm

Temperature class +200°C, -40°C to +175°C

Oil Resistance: IRM902, IRM903, Gasoline for 20h ineach, Variation of OD≤15%, No cracks;

Minimum bending radius: 5D(OD≤20mm),6D(OD >20mm);

Environmental Requirements: RoHS & REACH;

Silicone rubber insulation with flame retardant properties: flames extinguished at 70s, keep unburned at least 50mm;

Reference Standard: ISO6722, QC/T 1037, ISO19642, LV216, DEKRA-179;



Cable specifications
Conductor resistance max
(bare copper)
(mΩ/m at.20°C)
Ref. (A) Ref. (mm) Rated voltage
Rated temperature Color
2.5 7.60 30 3.70 600V/900V  1000V/1500V -40℃~ 175℃/200℃ orange
4 4.71 40 4.50
6 3.14 52 5.00
10 1.82 75 6.50
16 1.16 100 8.30
25 0.743 125 10.20
35 0.527 165 11.50
50 0.368 215 13.50
70 0.259 260 15.50
95 0.196 320 17.50
120 0.153 370 19.50


1. High electrical insulation at high voltage with excellent resistance to high current and wide temperature range, hazard-free and corrosion resistant.

2. They are easy to install with the molded in EV connectors. There's no soldering making them inexpensive overall.

3. Electrically and thermally characterized for high speed and high reliability transmission of Electric Vehicle High Voltage system.

4. The halogen-free structure makes our cable high temperature resistant, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

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