Low Temperature Self-Regulating Heating Cable

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Self-regulating low temperature heating cable (SRL) is specially designed to provide freeze protection of metallic and non-metallic pipes, tanks and equipment by replacing the heat lost through the thermal insulation into the air. As a self-regulating heat tracing cable, it provides perfect versatility in heat trace designs and industrial freeze protection applications. Furthermore, the self-regulating low temperature heating cable is universally applied in water pipe heating and insulation in winter, so as to prevent the liquid in the pipe from condensing.



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1. Processing of agricultural and sideline products and other applications, such as fermentation, incubation, breeding.
2. It applies to as all kinds of complicated environment such as ordinary, danger, corrosion, and explosion-proof areas.
3. Frost protection, ice-melting, snow-melting and anti-condensation.


self regluating heating cable

Working Principle: In each self regulating heating cable, circuits between the bus wires change with the ambient temperature. As temperature decreases, the resistance decreases which produces more output wattage; On the contrary, as temperature increases, resistance increases which lower the output wattage, loop back and forth.


1. Energy efficient automatically varies its power output in response to pipe temperature changes.
2. Easy to install, can be cut to any length (up to max circuit length) required on site with no wasted cable.
3. No overheat or burnout. Suitable for use in non-hazardous, hazardous and corrosive environments.


Type Power
(W/M, at 10℃)
Maximum Tolerance Temperature Maximum Maintain Temperature Minimum
Installation Temperature
Maximum Usage Length
(based on 110V/220V)
105℃ 65℃±5℃ -40℃ 50m/100m
Medium Temperature 35W/M
135℃ 105℃±5℃ -40℃ 50m/100m
200℃ 125℃±5℃ -40℃ 50m/100m

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1. Energy saving: Due to the unique PTC property, the cable adjust the output power respond to ambient temperature.

2. Easy installation: PTC semi-conductive matrix is composed of the infinite parallel connection of carbon particles, allowing it to be cut into the exact length required.

3. Long service life: A lower starting current and attenuation rate ensures our cables provide you a longer service life.

4. Safety for use: Can be overlapped by themselves without the danger of overheat or burnout.

5. High quality with low cost: self- regulating, easy operation, low cost to maintain. No recycled material used, all the components are manufactured by our own factory, which means better quality and competitive cost for you.

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