How to choose quality wires by insulation

Wires are one of the indispensable materials for everyone who needs to decorate. High-quality wires are also a guarantee of electrical safety. Electric wires are mainly composed of conductors, insulation layers, and protective layers.

What we mainly show you is how to select high-quality wires through the insulation layer. The insulation layer is an indispensable component of the wire structure and is also the most intuitive.


It can protect the conductor from mechanical damage and chemical corrosion, from contact with water vapor, moisture, and In case of electric shock when touching conductors, it can enhance mechanical strength and extend service life. You can refer to the following six methods to select high-quality wires through the insulation layer.

How to select high-quality wires by insulation


The insulation materials of high-quality wires have a certain degree of mechanical strength and flexibility, and the wires are not easily deformed or broken when pulled hard.


Cut a section of wire and observe whether the inner core of the wire is in the center of the wire. If it is not in the center, the insulation layer on one side will be thinner and may be broken down by current.


Bend a short section of wire at will. If there are no breaks or white marks at the bend, the quality is good.


Rub the insulation layer continuously. If the surface of the insulation layer is bright and not obviously damaged, the quality is good.

Sunlight exposure

When the insulation layer is exposed to sunlight, the insulation layer will not change color or dissolve, and it has strong stability. At high temperatures, the molecular structure is stable and not easy to decompose. High-quality insulating properties with multiple resistances.


Use a lighter to ignite a wire and it will catch fire after leaving the flame. This is a wire with poor flame retardant performance. A better flame-retardant wire will be ignited and will extinguish itself after leaving the flame.

Post time: Mar-28-2024