What kind of wire is good for home improvement?

With the progress of the times and the continuous development of science and technology, every household is inseparable from the use of electricity, and electricity covers every corner of our lives. Although the humble wire is insignificant, the relationship is very important. So what kind of wires are good for home decoration? The editor will explain to you the knowledge of home decoration knowledge and home decoration wires. Although the knowledge points are small, they can protect life and property.


There are three commonly used international standards for wire specifications: American (AWG), British (SWG) and Chinese (CWG). A few square meters is a nominal value stipulated by national standards, and a few square meters is the user’s choice of wire and cable according to the load of the wire and cable. The square number of wires is a verbal term in the construction of decoration and hydropower. The often said square wires do not have units, that is, square millimeters. The square of the wire actually refers to the cross-sectional area of the wire, that is, the area of the circular cross-section of the wire, in square millimeters. Generally speaking, the empirical load capacity is when the grid voltage is 220V, the empirical load capacity per square wire is about one kilowatt. Each square of copper wire can carry 1-1.5 kilowatts of electricity, and each square of aluminum wire can carry 0.6-1 kilowatts of electricity. Therefore, an electrical appliance with a power of 1 kilowatt only needs to use one square copper wire.


Specific to the current, the general copper wire can carry a current of 3A to 5A per square meter during short-distance power transmission. The heat dissipation condition is good to take 5A/square millimeter, and not good to take 3A/square millimeter. The maximum load current indicators of home improvement wires or socket switches, currently commonly used indicators are 16A and 10A, 16A is mainly used for air-conditioning lines, and 10A is used for other places. 10A means that the maximum long-term working current of the line is 10 amps, which means that the electrical appliances with 220*10=2200 watts can be used for a long time. Therefore, we must be able to calculate by ourselves, and do not use several electrical appliances with high power on one socket. If the power exceeds 2000 watts, there may be dangers. It is easy to cause aging of electrical contacts and increase the temperature of the wires.


The difference between live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire. The live wire has a voltage of 220V. We often say that the electric shock refers to touching the live wire. You can test it with a test pen, usually red. The neutral wire is the line opposite to the live wire. They form a power circuit. The neutral wire is not dangerous and will not be electrified if touched. It is usually black. The ground wire is a wire that plays a safety role. One end of it is connected to the ground, and the other end is connected to the middle jack of the three-prong socket. Almost all electrical appliances that use three-prong plugs have their casings connected to the ground wire. In this way, once the electrical appliance leaks electricity, it will flow to the ground along the casing and will not cause electricity to people. Therefore, the ground wire is used to protect the safety of electrical appliances and yourself. It is usually marked with a yellow-green double-colored wire or a yellow wire. The ground wire cannot be confused with the neutral wire, nor can it be omitted. Although omitting it can also ensure that the electrical appliances work, but the safety guarantee is gone.

The wires used in home decoration are generally single-strand copper core wires, and their cross-sectional areas mainly have three specifications, namely 4.0mm2, 2.5mm2 and 1.5mm2. In addition, there is a 6.0mm2 specification, which is mainly used for the main line entering the house. It is hardly used or used in a small amount in home decoration, and is generally not included in the scope of home decoration circuit lines.

The 4.0mm2 single-strand copper core wire is used for the main circuit and special wires for air conditioners and electric water heaters, the 2.5mm2 single-strand copper core wire is used for socket wires and some branch lines, the 1.5mm2 single-strand copper core wire is used for lamps and switch wires, and the 1.5mm2 single-strand copper core wire is generally used for the ground wire in the circuit.


In addition, telephone cables, TV cables, network cables, audio cables, etc. are also used in home decoration. These cables belong to the scope of dedicated cables, and the specifications are relatively uniform, but there are some differences in quality. It is recommended that you choose better quality and higher grades when purchasing.

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