What is an environmentally friendly cable?

What is an environmentally friendly cable and what are its characteristics?

Environmentally friendly cables refer to cables that do not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury, etc., do not contain brominated flame retardants, do not produce harmful halogen gases, do not produce corrosive gases, generate less heat when burned, and do not pollute the soil. Wire and Cable.

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1. High flame retardancy

Environmentally friendly cables fully meet the construction requirements for fire protection. The cables are not easy to burn in the event of a fire and can prevent the spread and expansion of flames after combustion.

2. Halogen-free

The use of green and environmentally friendly insulation layer, sheath and special oxygen barrier material not only has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, but also ensures that the product does not contain halogen, solving the “secondary pollution” formed when it is burned and avoiding When traditional PVC wires burn, they produce “dioxin” substances that can cause cancer.

3. Low toxin

The insulation and sheath do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals that are harmful to the human body. They will not pollute soil and water sources when the cable is used and discarded, and it has undergone rigorous toxicity tests.

4. No corrosive gas is produced

Using new special coating materials that are non-polluting to the environment, no toxic gases such as HCL will be produced during production, use and combustion, and very little acid gas will be emitted. It will cause little damage to personnel, equipment and instruments, and is more environmentally friendly.

5. High light transmittance

The smoke generated when the cable burns is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and fire-fighting work. The light transmittance of the product is greater than 40%, which is much higher than the standard of less than 20% for traditional flame-retardant cables.

6. Waterproof and UV-proof

It adopts green environmentally friendly materials with special molecular structure to ensure ultra-low water absorption. Special UV absorber gives the product good UV protection function. It ensures the safety of use of this type of product and extends its service life.

At present, the most representative green and environmentally friendly cables mainly include flame-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables, etc. Among them, some high-end products such as low-smoke halogen-free wires and cables, irradiated cables, etc. are increasing in usage. Low-smoke halogen-free cables are mainly used in rail transit, hospitals, schools and other social places.

With the continuous improvement of national policies and the continuous improvement of national safety and environmental awareness, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the safety and environmental performance of home decoration wires. In order to call on everyone to advocate a more scientific and green lifestyle, use more Environmentally friendly wires and cables, Zhongwei Cable will definitely bring more green and environmentally friendly products to everyone. I hope everyone can devote themselves to this eternal theme and contribute to environmental protection!



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