What do the different colors of wire insulation mean?

The operation of power cables is one of the important links in our daily life, work, and production. I wonder if you have noticed that the colors of the insulation layers of home decoration wires are different, so what do they mean? Let the editor introduce to you what the different colors of wire insulation layers mean?


What do the colors of home improvement wires represent?

Home decoration wires are generally divided into 6 colors: red, yellow, blue, green, black, and yellow and green.

Live wire (indicated by L): red, yellow, green

Zero line (indicated by N): blue

Ground wire (indicated by E): yellow and green colors


1. Home decoration wires

When decorating your home, it is recommended to choose only one color among yellow, green, and red for the live wire. It should be noted that red must be the live wire, blue for the neutral wire, and yellow and green for the ground wire as required.

If the home has 380V voltage entering the home, then all three colors of the live wire must be selected. At this time, we can open the lower opening of the air conditioner and select yellow, green, and red according to the circuit, and use these three colors to distinguish different circuits.

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2. The benefits of different colors for wires

The national standard requires different cables to use different colors in order to correctly distinguish the phase wire, neutral wire, and protective ground wire in the wires to prevent incorrect operations. Generally, electricians will separate colors according to the requirements.

If the wire colors are used randomly, there will be safety hazards during future use and maintenance. For example, for convenience and material saving during circuit modification, yellow wires are used as live and neutral wires. During future maintenance, it will be difficult for the electrician to find the live and neutral wires, which brings inconvenience to the maintenance and may easily cause construction safety accidents.

By installing the wires according to the specified colors, we can clearly see the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire, which reduces the possibility of wrong connections in the wires and facilitates future maintenance. It also avoids misoperation caused by unclear wires, which is harmful to the human body. Play a very good protective role. Therefore, the color separation of wires in the circuit is very important. When decorating our home, we must color separate the wires. If the installed lines are not uniformly colored, it is recommended to mark the lines separately and clearly mark them on the circuit diagram for future reference.

In order to improve the safety of home circuits, the editor recommends that you use low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant cables as home improvement wires. Cable companies have always used high-purity oxygen-free copper as the core to prevent overloading, and at the same time used self-developed environmentally friendly materials as insulation, which greatly reduces the risk of leakage and short circuits. Only in this way can cables that comply with national standards truly protect our lives. , bringing you and your family multiple protections.



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