What are the disadvantages of aluminum wire?

When renovating, some people will choose wires of different sizes according to the power consumption. However, after the renovation is completed, circuit overload and other problems often occur. So where is the problem? The main reason is that they use aluminum wire or copper-clad aluminum wire. What is the difference between copper wire and aluminum wire, and what are the disadvantages of using aluminum wire? Today I will tell you about it.


Aluminum wire for home decoration used to be relatively common in rural areas. However, with the development of the times, the popularity of various household appliances has become higher and higher in rural areas. Aluminum wire for home decoration cannot bear more electricity consumption and has long been eliminated. Large cities with higher electricity consumption are even less likely to consider aluminum wires.

So, why do we need to use copper wire for decoration instead of cheaper aluminum wire?

Reason 1: Low carrying capacity

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why aluminum wires have been eliminated is the low carrying capacity: the criterion for selecting wires is the carrying capacity of the wire – through the carrying capacity, we can calculate how thick the wire is needed to carry so much current.

The carrying capacity of aluminum wire is 1/3~2/3 of that of copper wire. For example, for a 4 square wire, if it is a copper core, the carrying capacity is about 32A; if it is an aluminum core, the carrying capacity is only about 20A.

Therefore, when we say that a certain circuit requires 4 square meters of wires, we mean that they are all copper cores, which can carry 32A of current. At this time, it is not enough to put a 4 square meters of aluminum wire with a carrying capacity of only 20A. In addition, if you have to use larger aluminum wires instead of copper wires, the wire tubes required for threading will also be larger and the space required will be larger, so the laying cost will not be lower than using copper wires. a lot of.

Reason 2: Copper-aluminum connections are easily damaged

As long as there are aluminum wires in the home, there will inevitably be places where copper and aluminum are connected. Copper and aluminum are directly connected. After electricity is applied, a chemical reaction like a primary battery will occur: the more active aluminum will accelerate oxidation, causing the joints to The current carrying capacity is low until overload occurs, which is also one of the direct reasons why accidents often occur when using aluminum wires.

The only reason why most people still use aluminum wires is because of the low cost. However, the increased construction costs when laying aluminum wires or the later maintenance costs and higher power consumption are easy to see compared to using copper wires. The gain outweighs the loss, not to mention the safety issues and hidden dangers caused by using aluminum wire.


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