Types Of Armoured Cable?

Armoured cables are used in a wide variety of industries and applications that require enhanced protection from physical damage, moisture, and other environmental elements. These cables are designed with an additional layer of metal armor, usually made of steel or aluminum, which provides increased mechanical strength and durability. There are many types of armored cable to choose from, each with its own unique features and applications. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most commonly used armored cable types.


Steel Tape Armoured Cable (STA): This type of cable consists of a layer of steel tape wrapped around an insulation layer. Steel belts provide excellent protection from mechanical stress and a high level of resistance to moisture and other environmental elements. STA cables are commonly used in power distribution networks, underground installations and outdoor applications.


Steel Wire Armoured Cable (SWA): SWA cables feature a layer of steel wire wrapped around an insulation layer. Steel wire provides a higher level of protection than steel tape, making SWA cables suitable for harsher environments and applications where there is a risk of rodent damage or high mechanical stress. SWA cables are commonly used in industrial installations, underground wiring and power transmission.


Aluminum Wire Armoured Cable (AWA): AWA cables are similar to SWA cables, but instead of steel wire, they have a layer of aluminum wire wrapped around the insulation. Compared to SWA cables, AWA cables are lighter in weight and therefore easier to handle and install. They are typically used in low voltage applications, such as indoor installations, and weight is a concern.

awa cable

Non-Magnetic Armoured Cable: Non-magnetic armored cable is designed for applications where magnetic interference needs to be minimized. These cables use a non-magnetic material for the metal armor, such as aluminum or brass, rather than steel. They are commonly used in medical facilities, research laboratories and areas where sensitive electronic equipment is present.

Lead Sheathed Armoured Cable: Lead sheathed armored cable is designed for underground installations and applications where protection from corrosion, moisture and chemical exposure is critical. These cables have a lead sheath over the insulation and are further protected by an armor layer. Lead sheathed armored cables are commonly used in petrochemical plants, wastewater treatment facilities and marine applications.

PVC sheathed armored cable: PVC sheathed armored cable has a layer of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material outside the insulation layer. The PVC jacket provides excellent protection from moisture, chemicals and abrasion. These cables are commonly used in indoor installations, residential wiring and light duty applications.

In summary, there are many types of armored cables, each with specific functions and applications. The choice of armored cable type depends on factors such as the environment, level of protection required, mechanical strength required, and budgetary considerations. A qualified professional or reference to relevant standards and regulations must be consulted to determine the most suitable armored cable for a particular application.



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