Technological requirements and instructions for armoured cables

1、Steel tape armoured cable
1. The steel tape should meet the requirements of YB/T 024-2008 ”Steel Tape for Armoured Cables”. The single-core cable steel tape armor is wrapped with a double-layer stainless steel tape with gaps and covers, and the multi-core cable is double-layer galvanized or painted steel. For wrapping with gaps and covers, the thickness of the steel strip should meet the requirements of the process table, and the thinnest point of the steel strip thickness should not be less than 90% of the steel strip thickness value specified in the process table.

2. The double-layer metal tape armor should be wrapped in a leftward spiral gap, and the wrapping gap should not be greater than 50% of the width of the metal tape, and the gap between the inner metal tape should be covered by the outer metal tape near the middle.

3. The anti-rust layer on the surface of the steel strip is not allowed to be scratched during the wrapping process. The wrapping should be round and tight, and the steel strip must not be curled or have gaps. The steel strip joints are welded firmly with a spot welding machine, the joints are flat, and the joints are brushed with antirust agent.

4. It is strictly forbidden for metal burrs on the edge of the metal strip to penetrate the insulation or sheath.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use metal strips of different thicknesses and widths to be welded together for armoring.

6. The width of the metal strip is specified in the table below. The width specified in the process is the maximum width, and narrower metal strips are allowed.

2、Steel wire armoured cable
1. Galvanized steel wire should meet the requirements of GB/T3082-2008 ”Galvanized Low Carbon Steel Wire for Armored Cables”, and the diameter of the steel wire should meet the relevant requirements of the armoring process.

2. The wrapping direction of steel wire armor is leftward, and the number of steel wires should be appropriately increased or decreased on the basis of the armoring process regulations according to the specific situation, so as to ensure that the total gap of steel wire wrapping should not be greater than the wire diameter of one steel wire, and according to the actual According to the situation, select the appropriate mold size to ensure that the steel wire is tight and smooth after armoring.

3. The steel wire joints must be welded firmly. After welding, they should be ground and rounded. No sharp corners or burrs are allowed. The outer diameter of the joint is allowed to be slightly larger than the normal outer diameter of the steel wire, but not more than 15% of the normal outer diameter. Anti-corrosion treatment.

3、Other request
After Armored the wire cores should be filled with a process record sheet for each tray, and stacked neatly in batches according to specifications.




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